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Welcome to the ROI Virtual Toolkit of Resources

Welcome to the ROI Virtual Toolkit of Resources. This wide ranging collection of resources is for use of managers, supervisors, executives, and the Diversity Champion(s).The Virtual Toolkit is easily searchable, and divided into the three sections of the ROI framework: Recruitment, Orientation, and Inclusion (see the right hand side), as well as topical areas (see the left hand side).The Virtual Toolkit is designed to be used on an "as needed basis." As diversity-related concerns and/or questions are identified, use the toolkit to access relevant resources. For example, your organization might be interested in recruiting a diverse workforce but not certain how to ensure the interview process is fair to diverse groups.In this case, you could access potential resources either through browsing within the Recruitment section of the Virtual toolkit or selecting Interview Applicants within the How to Get Started topical section.