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Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity (SEED) Introduction
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S.U.C.C.E.S.S Employment Services, with funding from the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement has developed a framework/model and toolkit to support cultural diversity initiatives within the workplace. This multi-dimensional toolkit provides organizations with numerous supports and options for customizable diversity interventions.


SEED is a diversity program for employers whichROI Model

  • Takes a comprehensive and ongoing approach to enhancing cultural diversity within the workplace at all stages of the employment process
  • Builds on the ROI (Recruitment, Orientation, and Inclusion) model of diversity intiatives promoting a three pronged approach to tackling diversity issues within an organization
  • Seeks to develop colloboration between Management, Human Resources, and Employees

SEED features a toolkit containing the following elements:

  • Diversity Champion’s Backgrounder and Guide, and Online Diversity Champion Network
    • Print/downloadable pdf resource describing the project, outlining steps/resources for implementation, and providing tools for measuring impact; facilitated online community to provide ongoing consultation and support
  • Cultural Diversity Yearbook
    • A print/downloadable pdf collection of diversity-related quotes, diversity poster options, discussions, and activities, as well as a diversity calendar listing to assist organization and planning of Yearbook activities
  • ROI Virtual Toolkit of Resources
    • A web-based reference resource organized into the three sections of the ROI model and topical areas to help guide diversity champions to the right resources


As a result of this program, employers will

  • Increase awareness of
    • the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce
    • the significance of cultural diversity as a human resource investment
  • Enhance human resource planning related to integration and utilization of culturally diverse groups
  • Improve capacity to attract and retain employees through the promotion of workplace diversity development


  • The Diversity Champion is
  • The "go to" person for diversity in the workplace
  • The coordinator of the SEED program within the workplace
  • A volunteer or an appointed employee from any level of the organization
  • An outgoing, engaging, and open person with a passion for diversity

The Diversity Champion needs to

  • Commit 1 - 2 hours per week
  • Implement the various aspects of the SEED program within the workplace


Before you choose your Diversity Champion, attend to the following items:

  • Ensure you have a clear sense of the project and the requirements for the Diversity Champion. Detailed program information is available for review by both the Employer and the Diversity Champion within the Diversity Champion's Backgrounder and Guide
  • Select an individual who is outgoing, engaging, and open with a passion for diversity
  • Consider the individual’s status in the organization; a new employee may struggle to get buy-in from other employees or managers as his/her relationship with co-workers is still developing


  • Development of the framework and tools for this project was informed by
  • An environmental scan, consisting of a topical review of published academic literature and publicly available resources for employers
  • Input from the Employer Advisory Committee supporting this project
  • Feedback from a three month test phase within a diverse set of organizations representing a range of industries and organizational structures/sizes
    • Reflections from Diversity Champions
    • Results from both a pre- and post-assessment of diversity at test sites


As an employer, you can begin this program by

  • Deciding that diversity is important within your organization
  • Determining the program’s fit within your organization
  • Choosing a Diversity Champion
  • Incorporating SEED into existing diversity initiatives or committees if possible
  • Communicating time commitments to staff and the Diversity Champion
  • Supporting the Diversity Champion through the customization/implementation stages of the program

SEED is funded in whole or part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement. For more information contact Leo Kiu, at or 604-231-3344

Funded in whole or part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement

Funded in whole or part through the
Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement